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The Military Geographical Institute The Military Geographical Institute Vojnogeografski institut
Address: ul. Mije Kovačevića 5, 11000 Belgrade,     Phone: +381 11 3205 007,     Fax: +381 11 3205 350,     e-mail: vgi@vs.rs  
Vojnogeografski institut

Military Geographical Institute,
Belgrade, Serbia

Military Geographical Institute (MGI) is an institution of the Serbian Armed Forces, which pursues scientific work, development and producing work in fields of Surveying, Photogrammetry, Cartography, Geographical Information System, Cartographic production, Geodetic Metrology and other geodisciplines in order to make geospatial materials. It is under authority of the Intelligence and Reconnaissance Department of GS SAF.

Military Geographical Institute gave tremendous contribution to all national survey works. It cooperates with other organizational units and departments of the Serbian Armed Forces as well as civil institutions.

The Military Geographical Institute presents the results of its own activities in a form of various types of printed and digital maps, plans, photodocuments, astronomy-geodetic, geophysics, alphanumeric, statistic and other data, scientific technical publications and documentations. Significant users of the Military Geographical Institute services, data and publications are also civil institutions.

Military Geographical Institute is equipped for classical and GPS survey, aerial photographs, photogrammetric restitution, cartographic processing, development of Geographical Information Systems, production of digital and analogue maps and cartographic reproduction.


Activities of the Military Geographical Institute

Activities of the MGI are applied-development researches in the areas of

   Remote sensing and photogrametry
   Mapreproduction and publishing
   Geographic Information System
   Quality control of the products and services
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